2020 Precinct Caucus Locations

Who: You, a supporter of the purpose of the DFL party
What: Precinct caucus meeting (see description below)
When: Tuesday, February 25, 2020, at 7pm
Where: Six locations throughout Kandiyohi County. Find and attend the location for the precinct that you live in.

What is a caucus?

“The DFL Party believes democracy starts at the grassroots. That is why we hold precinct caucuses and conventions to endorse candidates, elect party leaders, and shape the party platform. These voter-driven meetings are a great way to get involved in the democratic process and make your voice heard—even if you’ve never been to a political meeting before. The next round of precinct caucuses will be held on the 25th of February 2020 and are open to all democrats. By participating in precinct caucuses DFLers have the opportunity to be selected as delegates for local conventions, as well as those at the congressional district, and state. You can find information on accommodations here.” —Minnesota DFL

List of locations:

New London/Spicer High School, 101 4th Avenue SW, New London 56273
The cities of Sunburg, Regal, and New London
Townships: Norway Lake, Colfax, Burbank, Roseville, Irving, New London, Lake Andrew, and Arctander

O’Neil’s Event Center, 152 Lake Avenue North, Spicer 56288
The city of Spicer
Dovre and Green Lake Townships

Kennedy Elementary School, 824 7th Street SW, Willmar, 56201 
The cities of Willmar and Pennock 
Willmar, St. Johns, and Mamre Townships

Atwater Community Center, 107 2nd Street North, Atwater, 56209  
The cities of Atwater and Kandiyohi
Harrison, Kandiyohi and Gennessee Townships

Lake Lillian Community Center, 511 Lakeview South, Lake Lillian, 56253 
The city of Lake Lillian
Fahlun, Lake Elizabeth, East Lake Lillian, and Lake Lillian Townships

Raymond Community Center, 208 Spicer Avenue, Raymond, 56282
The cities of Raymond, Blomkest, and Prinsburg
Edwards, Whitefield, Holland, and Roseland Townships